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Our Team

Yan Paing Oo

Hello Everyone!

My name is Yan Paing Oo @ Yang and I am a CEO at PME. I like challenges in my job because I get to learn both good or bad things from every situation. I like to brainstorm new and innovative ideas for different incidents. I find myself to be a motivator for the team and a cheerful type of person. I love food and adventures. I love to go to different parts of the world and try different food on my holidays.

Su Myat Myat Phone


I am Su Myat Myat Phone, working here at PME as a Head of International Affairs. I have started working in different organization since I graduated, so, it’s been nine years of different experience. Life here at PME is delightful with all the helpful, kind-hearted and cheerful colleagues. My major job descriptions are to deal with international organizations of schools and universities, and develop international cooperation projects, both of which give me more insightful thought and sometimes, challenging incidents. I love working here as I find it a really rewarding experience. When I am not working, you can find me with a pile of books at my cozy home, cuddling with my cat or in the kitchen, trying out different recipes from all over the world.

Khin Me Me Kyaw


My name is Khin Me Me Kyaw. Everyone calls me Me Me. I am currently working as a Business Development Manager, as well as, a Consultant at PME Educational Consultancy and Language Center. I have got over six years of marketing knowledge and experience. I like talking to people and make them cheer up, so, come talk to me when you get bored. My favorite food is Myanmar Traditional food and I like adventurous trips. For me, PME is such a lovely and warm family.

Hsu Thiri Naing

Hello Everyone!

I am Hsu Thiri Naing. At PME, I am an International Affairs Manager and Thai Language Instructor. I feel glad and am appreciated when the knowledge I’ve shared to someone has become useful in their daily lives. My students love me as I am charming, patient and kind-hearted. I love my job very much as I get invaluable experiences. Most importantly, my bosses and colleagues are so kind to me and treat me like their sister, so I consider them as my Second Family.

Seng Mai


My name is Seng Mai but everybody here at work calls me Ei Mai. I work as a Marketing Assistant. I love working at PME because all the colleagues are like family. Not only that, whenever I face any kind of problems, they give me help, strength to overcome those problems. The precious moments with them? Well, that would be the times we fool around each other, going out and eating out.

Jar Seng Eain


I’m Jar Seng Eain Lahpai. I am now working as a Receptionist at PME. I am a hard-working, enthusiastic type. I love to go on vacations, take nice photos and sometimes, make jokes with my colleagues. I love working here at PME since all of them are good and kind to each other. Going on company trips, getting treats from our bosses are some of the happiest moments at PME. With all the love and care, it is such a heart-warming place to work at and working here is the most amazing experience I have ever had.

Kyaw Kyaw Htet

Hello Everyone!

My name is Kyaw Kyaw Htet, an Admin Assistant at PME. I feel lucky and am happy to work here. When I work, I like it fast and effective. PME is a nice and warm family for me. CEO and Principal are like my brother and sister, and I feel thankful for them.

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